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Vince Gironda Gym - Memories of Vince's Gym

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Vince Gironda
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For over 50 years in Hollywood and through out the fitness universe there was only one place to be... "Vince's Gym". His small almost museum like health club was always packed with bodybuilding wanna be's and many big name TV and motion picture stars.

I was trained by Vince Gironda in the early eighties and did my own workout there at 11 am each day, usually you were paired up with someone on training days, quite often it was a star but in Vince's eyes even the big names were nobody's in his gym, in this small little space he was king and made ALL the rules.

It was common place for him to simply decide he didn't want to deal with your face that day and he would throw you out and tell you to come back tomorrow, I think all totaled in the 2 years I was there he threw me out over a dozen times, but there were others that got the boot more times then I did.

After 50 years in the business Vince definitely had his own ideas on how things should be run, he never allowed cable for the cross overs he only allowed rope, I asked him once why, big mistake....he got right up in my face and said machines made cable "Man" makes rope and then I was told to leave for asking a stupid question.

If you were lucky enough to make it through your workout before he tossed you out it was common place for him to be visited by great old time bodybuilders, politicians and movie stars. Vince had a fondness for beautiful starlets and I recall a time there were 3 men in the gym including me and 5 well known TV and movie female faces in the room, out of the blue in the middle of a bench press he told all the guys to leave "today is women only day", so much for your workout but there was no place else in the world you could learn more then Vince's Gym so you always came back for more.

I owe a lot to Vince for all he taught me, I have been a Personal Trainer for 30 years now and many of my concepts are a trickle down from the Great One, I have been a Masters Bodybuilder since 1989 and still hear his voice in the back of my head every rep telling me never forget..."Everything works, but Nothing works for ever".

His concepts are still the ultimate for contest prep at any age and are used daily with my clients. I am proud to say I knew this man and will never forget my days at Vince Gironda's Gym.

Ken P Babich
Personal Trainer 30 years
Business web site
57 years old, 55 and over GrandMasters Pro WNSO/Fame

Secrets of Vince Gironda eBook
Vince Gironda
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