Vince Gironda 8x8 routine

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8 Sets of 8 Reps Workout

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Vince Gironda has trained the best bodybuilders we have seen on stage and even though Vince is no longer alive his workouts continue to get results from weight trainers and bodybuilders all over the world. The 8 X 8 workout was Vince’s favorite workout and he called it the "honest workout."

In typical Gironda style this workout regime has an elegant simplicity to it and it only needs some concentration on discipline to get results. When starting this workout for the first time it is recommended that you select a weight that is between 60 – 70 percent of your 1rep maximum (RM) in a given lift.

Once you have the weight that you are going to use selected you are ready to start and when doing this training for the first time you should stick to doing the compound exercises only. You need to concentrate on intensity and rest no more than 30 seconds between sets.

The weight selection is obviously an important part of doing this type of training. It is recommended that you first reduce the reps when you cannot complete the 8 reps with the weight you have selected. But you should never go below 6 reps and should then rather lower the weight that you lift when doing 8 X 8.

Most of the demand will be cardiovascular as you get used to it as resting a maximum of 30 seconds between sets makes it an extremely tough workout to follow. It is therefore better to only increase your weights every week rather than every workout that you do.

Below is what the 8 X 8 workout would look like if you were training three times a week. This could easily be split if you are training 4 times a week or more and you could then add some arm movements or other compound movements if you still have the strength and cardio left to do that.

Squats 8 X 8

Lat Pull-downs 8 X 8

Bench-press 8 X 8

Military Press 8 X 8

Secrets of Vince Gironda eBook
Vince Gironda
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