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Sean Penn Workout

Sean Penn was quite skinny in his early movie roles, but got into great shape for "At Close Range", by following the advice of Vince Gironda, while training at the famous Vince's Gym.

Vince said that "Sean is a very competent actor who can play any role. His studious, straightforward outlook make him popular among my gym members."

sean penn workout

Sean got into his best shape for the part of Jim Terrier in "The Gunman". Jim is a ruthless mercenary assassin who is suddenly forced into hiding as he gets pursued by a hit squad from Congo.

In order for Sean to convincingly portray the trained killer of Jim Terrier, Sean used a very specific combination of functional, compound weight training moves so that he could add some lean muscle without affecting his agility, which he did by training in hand-to-hand combat skills.

Below is the workout that Sean would do on The Gunman set which was specifically designed to establish Sean Penn's well balanced and perfectly proportioned physique. Sean would have used a military-style type, full-body and functional training that started with compound movements focusing on adding muscle using body part splits only later in his training session.

The following Gunman workout will improve your ability to move heavy loads very quickly which stimulates the nervous system, which then forces the body to release testosterone. It is this release of T which helps to develop more power helping the muscles to grow muscle fast.

1. 5 Thruster Sets 5 Reps with 90sec rest between sets

Taking the loaded barbell from the squat rack while standing. Resting the bar across your chest and both elbows pushed high as possible. Keeping the chest up, core tight and back straight you then squat down to where your thighs are past parallel with the floor, pushing your knees apart very wide to maintain your stability.

You then explode upwards, keeping the weight on both your heels. As you get to the top of the squat, you then transfer your momentum to the shoulders and then press the barbell overhead. Then you lower the bar to your upper chest and repeat.

2. 5 Sumo deadlift high pulls 5 reps with 90sec rest between sets

With feet twice your shoulder-width apart, grabbing the barbell with overhand grip about hip-width apart. Holding your chest up with both arms straight, you then lift the loaded barbell to waist height, while driving hips forwards. When the bar rises upwards it draws both your elbows higher, bring the barbell to chest height.

While keeping the barbell close to the body throughout the movement, you then shrug your shoulders. Then reverse the move and return the barbell to the floor always making sure that both knees are in line with your toes and your feet are pointing slightly outwards, always controlling the bar as you lower it.

3. Power clean Sets 5 Reps 5 Rest 90 sec

With a weighted barbell on the floor, grip it with overhand grip, shoulder-width apart, and shins up against the barbell. While keeping your chest pointed up, with both your hips and your back flat, you then raise the weight up to chest height pushing powerfully through both your heels, driving the hips forwards, always keeping the barbell close to the body. You then quickly drop into the half squat position as you bring your arms directly under the barbell to help you catch it on top of the chest as you stand up and carefully return the barbell to the floor.

4. Upper-body isolation exercises

Incline D/B flyes 4 X 10 reps

Dips 4 X 10 reps

Press-ups 4 X 10 reps

Standing Military press 4 X 10 reps

Reverse flyes or bent-over D/B raise 4 X 10 reps

Lateral raises 4 X 10 reps

Standing cable curls 4 X 10 reps

Preacher curls 4 X 10 reps

Standing hammer curls 4 X 10 reps

Triceps cable pull-downs 4 X 10 reps

Half dips 4 X 10 reps

Secrets of Vince Gironda eBook
Vince Gironda
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