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Kay Baxter workout

kay baxter workout

Kay Baxter was a pioneer because she promoted women's bodybuilding all over the world. Kay was born in Monroe County, Ohio, USA on October 3, 1945 and when her illustrious career as a female bodybuilder was at its peak she died in a serious traffic collision on May 16, 1988.

Kay competed successfully in women's bodybuilding for a decade from 1979 to 1986. In those ten years Kay competed in four of the IFBB Ms. Olympia's and inspired many up-and-coming women to compete as bodybuilders. Kay was a true groundbreaker by making wrestling videos with a few short action movies which appealed to her growing women's bodybuilding fan base.

Kay Baxter learned how to change the shape of her body by following Vince Gironda's advice. Vince has some very specific ideas on females developing muscles and explained to Kay that the best way to build a lot of muscle in the shortest time is to train the muscle from four different sides.

Vince explains that different movements train different parts of your muscles, so over time he developed a system for her to follow that gave 4 different exercises for each muscle group. Kay trained with Vince for about 4 years where she learnt about training heavy using Vince's 4 X 4 theory then his 6 X 6 theory and finish off with the gruesome 8 X 8 theory.

But it was more than just the sets and reps that Vince told her to do, it was important training technique advice that she got from Vince. For example, when doing a D/B press it's important to keep palms facing each other and touch BOTH weights on the two dumbbells against each other before the eccentric starts.

Another example is with the high bench rows that target the teres major and the upper traps. Vince instructed Kay to still keep her palms facing each other when doing the movement. Another movement would be overhead triceps extensions with a rope, where he would tell Kay to lean far forward and keep both hands squeezed tightly together.

Vince has developed a whole range of do's and don'ts in bodybuilding, from touching all 4 bells together when doing dumbbell bench work as mentioned above to skipping breakfast and doing a movement like behind the neck pull-downs causing a rounded back.

Secrets of Vince Gironda eBook
Vince Gironda
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