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Gordon Scott workout

Vince Gironda said that "Gordon dedicated himself to training. He had his mind on films and ultimately achieved his goal of becoming Tarzan. He than became a workout partner of the notable Steve Reeves. He built a clean-cut, impressive physique."

gordon scott workout

Gordon Scott was born Gordon Merrill Werschkul on 3rd August 1926, he died on April 30th 2007 from pneumonia. Gordon was the training partner to the great Steve Reeves so he knew a thing or two about gaining muscle. In fact, millions of people saw his body because he landed up making six Tarzan movies between 1955 and 1960.

Gordon was "discovered" when he was tanning poolside one day, things were done differently in those days and he got offered a 7-year contract, a new name and a loin cloth.

Gordon had 9 brothers and sisters, so he knew very well about competing and started doing a bit of weight training when he joined the University of Oregon, located in his hometown where he was born, in Eugene, Oregon, but he only completed one semester before joining the Army in 1944.

He served in United States Army as a MP (military police) and got an honorable discharge in 1947. Gordon was actually the 11th Tarzan that Hollywood had put on screen and he was praised by the son of the man who wrote the book, Danton Burroughs and said "If my father were alive today, he would fully agree that the Tarzan films are getting better and that Gordon Scott makes a truly magnificent Apeman."

Gordon was an impressive man to meet, standing 6'2" tall and weighing 240lbs with 19-inch biceps, plus he was a very good looking. After he signed the 7-year contract for 6 Tarzan movies they whisked him off to Hollywood, where Gordon beat 200 other contestants trying to be the next Tarzan.

When his movie director encouraged him to add more muscle on his body Gordon went to the only man in Hollywood that had any good ideas about how to add muscle, the Iron Guru Vince Gironda.

Vince explained to Gordon that the only way to add more muscle is to change his training to include volume training AND strength training. Vince wrote him out a training routine that would do both high volume, with relatively light weights and strength training with maximum weight for as little as 3 reps.

Secrets of Vince Gironda eBook
Vince Gironda
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