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David Lee Roth Workout

david lee roth workout

David Lee Roth was born in Bloomington, Indiana USA on October 10, 1954. His father called Nathan Roth was a very wealthy eye surgeon who managed to make millions in real estate and his eye practice. Before his eldest son David was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Rock 'n Roll his name had changed to a nickname "Diamond Dave".

Diamond Dave made his fame and fortune as a songwriter, actor and rock vocalist for the heavy metal band Van Halen. Dave also wrote a book and is a former radio personality with a number of stations.

David has been studying and practicing martial arts since he was 12 years old. Although his style of martial art he practices is called Kenjutsu, which is similar to Kendo. Diamond Dave uses Kenjutsu movements onstage using a six-foot staff, which is actually a simple curtain shower rod, but it should be a wooden staff.

David takes his martial arts a lot more seriously than he takes himself, this makes his antics onstage playful and gleeful, showing unchained exuberance with split jumps and iconic kicks. David was born with a guileless desire to simply show off all the coolest shit that he's learned, it may look a bit goofy, but he doesn't embarrass himself.

David has developed trademark moves over the years and these moves come from a lifelong love for martial arts. It all started because of the large Japanese population of Pasadena, California, where he grew up. His next door neighbor, Mr. Yoshida was his kendo-teacher. David grew up surrounded with Japanese culture and held a sword for the first time when he was only 7 years old.

Today at 62 years old David has actually led a life of discipline and training. He still does his Brazilian jujitsu practice three times a week at 7am in his privately built Mojo Dojo on his property where he now lives in Tokyo. He also gets a kendo instructor to come over three evenings a week to give him a workout and training.

When David asked Vince Gironda for training advice to increase his strength and core stability, David had spent his life training his body so when Vince spoke to him about muscle isolation and learning how to engage his core strength when doing a movement like sissy squats, David knew exactly what he was talking about and got good results.

The specific workout that David does in addition to his martial arts training is 45 minutes three times a week. It is brutal and it uses as little rest between sets as possible. Although his weight training is mainly compound movements, his sets and reps range in a cycle doing 4 X 4 then 6 X 6 and finishing off with 8 X 8 on his last cycle.

Secrets of Vince Gironda eBook
Vince Gironda
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